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with cedar sawdust. Before use these are sterilized by

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There are enumerated among the causes of ha^matoma chronic affections

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tion of cranial and oculo-biilbar conformations. Arcdi.

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milk supply, which the department has been pursuing during

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pressure of the flexible stethoscope. 3 Though the sound often persists throughout

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colloid, hyaloid, or other changes may be confined to one or more of its

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to be relied on, especially when it is negative. The Wassermann and other

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When the bronchial secretions are insufficient, small doses of tartrate

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the extent of £170, followed by large annual subscriptions, and

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few adenoids were at the same time removed with the

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Bbttger's Test with Nylander's Modification. A few cubic centi-

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in an excellent article on Hemiatrophy, has proved the

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imperfect ones, and the other had only one, and, as remarked

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number, is the diagnosis of a disease easy and positive. In these respedc

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second fundamental claim for the recognition of science in

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remainder of the symptoms which characterize dropsy. I then

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also had the care of children in other departments, includ-

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mixing the product with oil as usual. The red in the same

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of these diseases will be advanced much further if we always estimate the

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and proper classification are necessary. L. Bouveret

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elimination than T. during the previous twelve hours.

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reality a chronic pyemia. Secondary foci may occur both in

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