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trophied, so that the hip bones assume the form of a vase

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scientific study the large amount of material furnished by the

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of the tissue, so that a distal portion of the appendix of varying length

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to another county in this State, his name on his request

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history of diverticulosis of the colon, Am. J. Digest. Dis.

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Lazear, Carrol and Ricketts, American physicians who, with no possible

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slighted, and is comparatively unknown to the majority of medi-

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13 for the purpose of perfecting arrangements for the annual meeting of

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as denoted by long series of marvelous cures, that the whole sub-

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written. Here we find a thorough discussion of the history of pellagra,

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such as the use of warm baths in pertussis, injections of glycerin in reten-

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SALAMANCA, N.Y., Cattaraugus County needs a family Physician

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bilities has opportunities in all areas of the state for psychiatrists and priina

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empowered to prescribe the periods and methods of study and

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basis of clinical observation and physiological experiment.

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enough has always been taken in this series is revealed by

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general clinical findings gave an excellent prognosis, but whose

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and positive nitrogen balance, Surgery 64: 134 (1968).

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$4.50 net, plain; $5.00 net, indexed. William Wood & Company, New

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morphin and narcotin in opium are not such as will give to the

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"•ronet .. follow, -Take h.„^: " •"'"'" ««)und fhe

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ment. The thorax is symmetrical, broad and deep. The abdomen is

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shall have the power to act alone or in conjunction with other committees

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By H. O. RUH, M. D., Resident Pathologist, The Lakeside Hospital,

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but the cause for the failure of the drug to annihilate the infection is

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origin, and an appendix with a few scattered notes on drug therapy.

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Diosdado 0. Lagos, M I)., Abul S. Aguam, M.D., F.A.C.S., and Joseph R. Wilder, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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lawyer, or what-not. You carry a sacred personal responsibility

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ated by the desire to deal fairly with the medical profession. If the

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latory. Then occurred a curious example of the blocking

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opinions no doubt on the prevalent theory of its pharmacology, consider

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tassium bromid, thirty grains twice a day, stopped these very soon. A

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a whole becomes exhausted through the protracted, complex derange-

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up the use of enemata, high or low — whether of oil

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tenth edition of his work would rather justify his assertion. It will fre-

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care for the sick. This intensive educational expe-

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class of the positive cases and are unable to formulate any con-

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case of the uterus but tends to mask it in the case of the intestine. He

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A very simple and practical clinical classification of the types of

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