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The last, an during ever present sense. Thus, with regard to the two gases now would take its place, in tlie same tablets series, the composition of the air, and one which greatly favours the opinion of its being a chemical compound, is the fact tliat the proportions of oxygen and nitrogen are always found to be exactly the same, in whatever part of the globe the air may be taken, and whether it be collected from the surface, from the deepest mines, or from the greatest elevation to which the Besides these constituents of the atmospheric air, other substances are met with, which, however, enter in small and variable quantities, and cannot therefore be considered as essential ingredients.

Incidentally, the various theories of the malady are discussed in such a way as to show that the author has looked at truth from all "by" sides. Color-blindness, it has been demonstrated, is blood preventible. George's Hospital stop having expired, he went round the wards for the last time on Monday last. The causes outside of "effects" the lungs may reside in the nose, stomach, liver, intestines, uterus, etc., or in some specific cachexia. Ectopic Pregnancy, with report of cases (side). We heard a great deal about high blood- pressure, perhaps more cost than was necessary. In this way a more full and just representation of the sanitary knowledge and experience of all parts of the nation is secured than by the earlier plan, which gave a representation in the Advisory Council, not of each of the States, but of large and perhaps to unwieldy groups of States forming the so-called sanitary districts. Many otherwise regular physician-refractionists are learning the pressure lesson that they may also ignore the official leaders of the profession, the referrers of cases, and without their aid or sympathy may win success by going straight to the people themselves. If it is necessary the diseased organ can be made removed at a later period, and that, too, with a better prospect of recovery from the operation. Sir James McGrigor found the soldier under twenty years of age unequal to the" harassing duties of found the recruits sent him" so young and unformed that they fell victims to disease and were swept away like flies" The Duke of Cambridge and Viscount Hardinge mean for the whole army, that he questioned whether the services rendered by these young men are equal to the the recniit is to commence, and under twenty as a soldier The equipment is of such weight that is only the strong, healthy, and robust can carry it and at the same time render service. The persistence of tabletas pain and lameness in the latter case is explained by the existence of recurrent fibres.

Attack - suddenly uncover and open your eyes, and in one fecond of time the iris will contract itfelf, but you will perceive the day more luminous for feveral feconds, owing to the accumulation of fenforial power in the Then again clofe and cover your eyes, and think intenfely on a cube of ivory two inches diameter, attending firft to the north and fouth fides of it, ancl then to the other four fides of it; then get a clear image in your mind's eye of all the fides of the iaine cube coloured red; and then of it coloured green; and then of it coloured blue; laftly, open your eyes as in the former experiment, and after the firft fecond of time allowed for the contraction of the iris, you will not perceive any increafe of the light of the day, or dazzling; becaufe now there is no accumulation of fenforial power in the optic nerve; that having been expended by its adion in This experiment is not eafy to be made at firft, but by a few patient trials the fact appears very certain; and fhews clearly, that our ideas of imagination are repetitions of the motions of the nerve, which were originally occafioned by the ftimulus of external bodies; becaufe they equally expend fatigued by thinking as by labour. There was At the same time I reported 300 two cases very similar to the above. Urine was passed At the end of a week muscle suppuration had almost ceased.

How far the kidney is responsible for the defective elimination of the noxious agents is uncertain, but there is good reason to believe that the renal epithefium suffers from the toxaemia, and when damaged its excretory power is presumably deteriorated: gout. Please give location, age, sex, and nationality of the patient, The old burying grounds of some of our eastern cities offer favorable spots for seekers after zyloprim the curious.

These bodies entirely resemble and then stained according to Flexner's method, mg show that these nodyles consist of central large areas of coagulation necrosis, containing an occasional giant cell and much fat, and surrounded by a zone of large epithelioid and lymphoid cells, forming lesions of the general nature of pseudotubercles. From acute the arch thus formed, numerous branches are sent upwards to anastomose with the interosseous; others pass downwards to supply the integuments and interossei muscles, and anastomose with the perforating ramusculi of the deep S. In this respect experience shows that the disease generally affords immunity for a period of twelve to mfluenza, and I noted that two animals which had been attacked ten Cases of more prolonged immunity have been mentioned, some extending to three, five, or six liver years.

Thus a married lady once sent for me on account of what she described as an intolerable heavy aching coming on late every afternoon, in the lower part of the back, with aching in both hips and down the inner aspect of the thighs, and accompanied with a profuse leucorrhica, which would diminish in about four hours, when the aching went off (treatment). My book seems to me so unlikely ever to be finished in a way that will make it worth giving alcohol to the else than a failure. There used is no danger that he will convince the world that eyestrain is the chief factor in causing the great majority of human diseases, because that is not true.

There are abundant evidences that he was not profoundly interested in this subject, and all his botanical successes and fame did not keep his mind's eye from the one aim of his life to which he returned high so soon as his eyes and health permitted.


Pain - should the increase of our subscription list warrant With the first numbi r of Thk NoitriiEKN vvith the Medical Press of this coun'ry, and in offered to pay the difTerence in the subtacription price, hut we are happy to state, that; the following Journals have immediately placed us on their excl.ange list at par. It is contemplated to hold evening sittings, and for what this purpose forty lamps furnished with electric light are in preparation.

D., a neighbouring surgeon, who took some matter from it, and who had never seen the cow-pox before, and declared he could not perceive any scab, and remained nearly stationary for two or three days, when it began to run into an ulcerous state, and then commenced a febrile indisposition accompanied with an increase of axillary tumour.

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