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to their flat shape ; but if the salt be not added the water
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Krause, Jr., M.D., plastic surgeon, Cherry Hill, a member of our Camden County
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donkey, goat, sheep or rabbit) or by obtaining a new strain of vaccine
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to believe it requires a greater heat to fix it. They were made
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neighbouring parts of his chest were immensely swollen and
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suggestive of hyperventilation. Abdominal tenderness local-
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have been used, no difficulty has been found in maintaining a seed
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poses, the size of it will be gradually diminished, and its parts
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ished but the torticollis commenced, and has continued ever
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“look-alike” generics who spend little or nothing in research
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4. McNeilly RM, Pemberton .1 Jr: Duration of last attack in 998
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and hyperuricemia. Interestingly, neither of the latter two
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vermicide, but. nevertheless, seems to aid chloroform in its action.
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any critique on our part can do. It is as follows :
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which could be easily heard and understood at some distance
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available for the first time under this program as an option
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dark, eyes kidney shaped and widely separated by a light brown stripe.
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underneath the chin beyond the middle line, forwards and
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numerous sutures to the abdominal opening, and the everted
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a species of Culicoides in Korea as being the possible carrier of some
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vious to all this the sponges must be disinfected by means of
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legs scaly, extremities cold, thyroid glands not to be felt;
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drous, 200 mg., in a micro-pulverized form. Each brown and white hard gelatin
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diseases, and has been claimed to possess action in oxidative
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chronic urinary infections for three to fifteen months.
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Society, a month having elapsed since the operation, the
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250 words. It should contain the essential facts in such a
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in my bungalow at the end of February. This is one of the species
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meeting Sir William Roberts and Mr. Whitehead, of Man-
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Warning: Serious and occasionally fatal hypersensitivity
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SH., ast. 4|. Female. At three months of age she was
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colon. The patient’s abdomen was reexplored. The entire
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6 A.M. — Temperature again up to 104*4°. The ice bath
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and licensing of nurse-midwives, and requested advice on
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removed from the body. They commence as minute rounded molecules,
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Filed in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference
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tor from its perichondrium and the surrounding soft parts,
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of cancer would emerge. The full report of this study is
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this circumstance, I imagined that by injecting minutely those
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The efficacy of saline medicines in inflammation probably depends

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