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Canine teartwm tnfecMoft !s a tmSor problem at<»9 the AtUntfc and Gulf coasts

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only ataxia (intention tremor) and spastic symptoms (increased tendon re-

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Rottersman, William, a, w, sp, Paterson, N.J. A.B. (U. of Wisconsin) '33.

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this scheme are of practical value, bnt according to our experience one can only

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very severe disturbance. Others, though considerably annoyed, can, neverthe-

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tion may arise after any debilitating experience and may develop at any

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As yet, few autopsies have been reported. Generally the medulla presents

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to pennit Students to pr<^rly observe packing plant operations ami to Insure

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radiata, posterior limb of the internal capsule, crusta of the cms cerebri,

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immediate result of the destruction of nervous tissue by the new growth, while

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(clownismus), and finally the period of plastic positions and passionate atti-

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1877, 2911 ; 1878, 3080 ; 1879, 3271 ; or a total in the seven years named of

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more and more impaired. The headache increases. The patient takes to his

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we can understand that tabes can be termed, not a simple, but far more

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lated, he will be required to pledge himaelf to do ao within twelve months, if

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they have been robbed of the glory of some great idea or invention. They

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urine. Severe cases are fatal in one or two days. With regard to arsenical

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(promotion, 12 marks). The examination, which includes all the usual

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must, of course, be especially treated (iodid of potassium in syphilis, anti-

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average individual of the given age and sex. This goal having been reached,

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with the anatomical lesions just described. The vascular disease responsible

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The former are admitted free, the latter ** on pajrment of such fees as

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effect. Of course, where there is symptomatic polyuria, the primary disease,

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a few cases ; occasionally they may appear as initial symptoms. Marked vesical

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diseases, such as gout and diabetes. An attack of acute disease during preg-

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Daily, 9:00-4:30. Offered each quarter, Schlutz, Hamilton, Swanson, and Staff.

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gradually change into diabetes insipidus (see the following chapter). The

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ans^ know ho(# to prolong this coailtion. The duration of rigor ts-varied

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these examinations, but they will not be examined at any other time.

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Arts, and to the Natural History Museum of the Uniyersity and the-

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and the proportion in which the several schools of medicine shall be offered the

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ysms. Different cases differ very much. There are persons who during their

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A Gold Medal of the value of twenty pounds (or a book prize of the

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Practical, £5 5s. or £8 8s. ; Midwifery, £4 46. or £6 6s. ; Physiology,

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of the disease, and study of the therapeutic methods employed.

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they become excited, and urge them all the more, paying no attention to the

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of consciousness and the disturbance of the relations of ideation to physical

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ships at a time shall be held by the same person." One is awarded for

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carefully as possible against bedsores and cystitis. We can expect but little

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stylohyoid and digastric muscles. [In rare instances both nerves are affected,

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