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I have elsewhere pointed out how curiously even very slight lesions of

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Doctor of Medicine is given such a permit upon the simple payment of

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It is noteworthy that in each case there was abnormality of the

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pfcASr E (1896). Revisione sistematica della famiglia della Culicide.

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problem is a very large one. As the result of the work

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The other was the wife of a very wealthy man. Both lived in cities,

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disappointing, mainly because we do not enjoy the incomparable

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form lobulated masses from the bulk of a tare up to that of a hazel-nut :

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a wine-glass and drank it. She soon realized her mis-

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in the first instance, to diminish the flow of bile ; and it is a matter for further

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lings, Professor Practice Medicine, Rush Medical College,

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Since these two genera of molds, as all other fungi, contain no

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can be properly classified and catalogued according

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and assimilative functions remaining active; and, fourth, the arrest of

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disposition and lassitude. In November he applied to

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odor arising from this has long been pointed out as a feature of the

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Eight, p. m. I again saw him ; the temporary relief he felt

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higher even than in the army of Tennessee ; the ratio of the cases of pneumonia beio?

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Away, then, with the little societies, most of which were

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infants and adults, and by the torpidity of hibernating ani-

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Neurological Society at Paris, August 9, 1900. — By E. A.

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mucii further back than the Crimean War, for though pensions

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plications, intense glycosuria, and intolerance for car])ohydrates are of

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structure is lost by a retrograde metamorphosis, in which, I scarcely need

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arteries, and of these the arch of the aorta is usually the part where the

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teen instances with partial rupture although “re-

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encephalitis penetrates into the nerve tissue as an interstitial infiltration.

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I would not recommend any one to commence the actual study of

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