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cine, and the efforts to obtain recognition for Public Medicine as a spe-

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severe pains in the abdomen ; the muscles of his forearms, especially

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mew's has emancipated itself from the tyranny of a form which has

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The sum of fourteen hundred pounds has been promised by the wife of

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piercing the right posterior pillar of the fauces, and finally emerged be-

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had evacuated by means of it almost an ounce of thick pus from a

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medical reform, has declared direct representation and the one portal vital

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that day, while others will defer the opening until Monday, the 3rd.

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their names as volunteers at the Val-de-Grace. — Dr. Cunier, of the

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be given to the late President, Vice-President, Council, and Honorary

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Section A. — Medicine. President — D. Embleton, M.D.

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School Department. There are two Lecture Theatres, Museums of

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each of which represents a group of counties, which are again sub-

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his morals, I am unable to solve the question, and freely confess my own

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ness was to be cured, or that the lecturer's duty was to indoctrinate

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Bouillon, the nearest post-town, where they were to post our letters and

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for extra copies of the Joitrnal, be accompanied with stamps for the amount.

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that new- science termed Kinetics or Kinematics, which investigates the

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