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fYtfrr^ *^ ihfi *^^G^ but involves very regularly the larger as well as the

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replied, “But he took no x-rays, Doctor.” “All I can

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and ether according to Albert and Buchner's method for yeast. A

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youngest of seven children, two of whom had died from cere-

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ation, infiltration, and contraction as he describes ano-

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phloridzin was then more accurately established by Zunts, who,

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fighting from the ancients, or from the modern neglect

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shortcomings. From the first he thought the stomach, and the

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lation was controlled by pressure of the left index finger, four

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ticular, ill mind, in which the plates were omitted and

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Special reference has been made to pigmentation in the higher brain

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the hdclies. Men of science in France and England were thus suddenly placed

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boon into what may be regarded as its very opposite.

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hum6rale; gii6rison. J. de nu-d.. cbir. et ]ibarmacol.,

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pain was principally noticed on the right side from

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traces of the cecum or valve having totally disappeared.

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tents, (c') The oxaluria and the accompanying gastritis

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to be resorted to for a short time. At first the voluntary respira-

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Hospital or Hospitals during two years, with Clinical In-

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must be remembered that all pieces of pulpified tissues, lacerated

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