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If inches in height. There is very much diminution of res-
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tions. The figure drawn of the spleen of a person examined
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the care of the ophthalmologist as sequelsB of the disease.
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the preternatural heat, and to reduce the force and frequency
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regarded as the usual term of the disease in the armies of
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schools with an " Introductory Lecture " addressed chiefly
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"infecting chancre" was the cause., and not, as is the
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every day, the use of strong licjuors, which are responsible for
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of a boy aged thirteen, whose foot had been ]iunci:ured by
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allowance for altered nomenclature, account be taken of the influence
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administered r^ularly. Dec. 22d, coma vigil; completely delirious.
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little lady in white close-fitting cap, and long, white apron, and she carries a tray of
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always to turn to the right, had an inco-ordinate gait, at times suggestive
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supply such means as may be required to send them to such
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is in some cases extremely mild, and in other cases extremely formidable.
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indications best. 2. It is not necessary to twist the bowel in
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follows. There is a pneumonic consolidation of one or both
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told, with interest which bespoke tlie importance of the matter, how
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vertebra .on another, but the nerve-roots may be crushed or torn, or the
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would be strictly proportionate to the discrimination of diseases.
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sels, or possibly upon the organs themselves. Of course, if the lesion
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neck, stretching along the spine ; and also of an oppression ex-
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fairly well, but pricking very little. In front, normal sensibility reappears at
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tion were alike the victims of tubercular disease, and al-
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stress must not be laid on either of these, however, for we yet know
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Art. I. — Practical Hints on the Selection an J Use of the
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for smallpox and, conversely, the eruption of smallpox to be mistaken for measles
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munity is lost is not yet understood; probably, how-
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wound, and with the view of preventing fatal syncope,
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wood to which a twig did or docs adhere, are frequently equally
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M.D. ... ... ... ••• ... ... ••• . ior>
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transparent fluid, smelling strongly of bitter almonds, had passed
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brighter colour, but not to resume the texture of the healthy lung, as is
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apparent. The source of the embolus was, undoubtedly,
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of death. This seems to have been clearly established by the laet, that since a
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the sittings to three or four minutes. Civiale, while he

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