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believes, notwithstanding, that the patients who sub-
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returned, though it was smaller. Same treatment continued. For
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Dr. H. K. Root — Dear Sir : This is to certify that my wife has been afflicted for
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necrosis of the conchal cartilage, and may be mistaken for that at the
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Stabsarzt or Medical Director General of the Hanoverian army, to
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20,000 patients were brought for examination or treated in the hospital,
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Sometimes, however, they survive for a much longer period. We have
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deen Infirmary still stands first amongst all similar charities in the
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would have prevented all my suffering, and saved me several hundred dollars. I
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scope, these works, however, somew-hat differ ; for, while Drs. Tan-
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junction with other remedies, require steady persevering application. I, too, never
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A father, says Horace, Hkes to deceive himself as to the defects of his
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quence of Dr. Pomies, one of the hospital surgeons of that city, being
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more often than capital ones, performed by young surgeons, and with
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later date the important subject of the disposal of sewage engaged hi
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in the cornea, and even here the parts were as transparent as other
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The article on Diseases of the Ear is again from the pen of Mr.
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these points, and although from simple clinical signs it is sometimes
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merchant service are concerned, it is possible to considerably diminish
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mistake again," and he bravely went back and resumed his old
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death did not disclose any accident, and yet autopsy revealed a
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my good will and thanks to you, for I believe your medicines have been the means
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microbe never before seen in other diseases. The same species of
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The business of the meeting will be conducted under six Sections :
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time in Italy a disease characterized by high fever,
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localised dermic or hypodermic tumours, whether distributed irregu-
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and restoring in fact "the balance of the circulation". But it v.'ill not do
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and also to deepen the interest of the members in the work of the
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ment. When returned a month later it went sound at a walk.

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