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estimates the vaccinated portion of the inhabitants of

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sometimes only the preliminary- steps are taken — ^but

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injections of salt solution indicates that alopecia areata is a

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recorded by Dr. Colin K. Bussell,^ from the medical

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irritation kept up by the striking against them of the

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recent article by Dr. Morton Prince,* whose reputation

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carried into the interior of bones either during embry-

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plecia, priapism, anesthesia, tympanites, paralysis of bladder. In-

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the testicle the processus vaginalis may begin the shutting off

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toiy of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. IJskow observed

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upper abdominal stitch. The girl weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces ;

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terization was practiced in all cases on the side which

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tained from any portion of the uterus or vagina for examina-

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a fraction to several centimeters in diameter. Near the outer

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right testicle became swollen, with much fever and severe pains.

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usual manner by external palpation of the rotating end

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The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

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such as avoidance of sunlight and dust, extremes of

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When the child is tn extremis, he thinks most of saving the

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When examined, the patient appeared to be a hiealthy,

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blood-vessels, Labb^*^ thinks it may come through the

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Cask 1. — ^Dr. T. C. Witherspoon, professor of surgery in the

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sions are not regulated, the functions of these various

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35. Cardiac Lesions as Observed in the Negro; with Special

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superior spine to the internal malleolus was greater

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appear themselves. Such is not the case because of the

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Society from which he receives his authority, stating that he

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twenty-four hours. 2. The gauze next to the body was nut

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the gland capsule. Hence it seems probable that the

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of the patient soon after giving each injection, but the im-

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dents who have not been successful in obtaining interneships.

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ers the subsidence of the temperature and the subsequent

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Brown-S£quard have a powerful influence on metabolism, espe-

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cells and albumin one-fourth by bulk. The pulse was over

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in chronic lung troubles — ^bronchitis or emphysema —

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in a scientific, social, and material benefit to the indi-

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