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child because of the continuous compression of the placenta. If
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a specific infective disease. Contagion in the ordinary sense has not
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tains the hair, sweat, and sebaceous follicles, and
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ments (pepper, salt, and vinegar). It aids digestion
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1 Nerxst, Theoretical Chemistry, second edition (U>Ot), p. 4SG.
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latter procedure is obviously of little use where the renal substance is involved
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Crowell, L. A., Jr., Lincolnton; Tulane, 1930; U.N.C 1930 1930
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patients through the application of various psycho-therapeutic
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The Elements of Diagnosis in Late Hereditary Syphilis.
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Nose bleed, in many instances, can be arrested by the
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tous base, subsequently becoming deeper in color. It
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shoulder. Neither local nor thermic reaction followed. The experiment was
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nor to have derived any noteworthy addition, from the wearily
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This nerve supplies the deltoid and teres minor muscles, and gives
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severity of the abdominal lesions is sometimes the cause of death. In the
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Dr. G. D. Beebe is evidently the surgeon entitled to the
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solicited to contribute such books, periodicals, etc., as shall be of
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Aspirated July 11, 1884, opened July 26, part of 8th rib removed behind.
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poral hemianopsia including the macula on left and sparing it on right. Acuity: Left 3/50; right 15 50.
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quent repetition. The quarterly form is that almost universally appro-
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has been elicited to aid us very much in the investiga-
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considered, therefore, in the present case that digitalis was a con-
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complete recovery was secured in all cases, which were treated as
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Family History. — A reliable family history, so far as rheumatism is con-
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Boutid structure, notwithstandirjg the great fault in their secretion."
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still more frequently applicable to the disease, when treated by blood-letting ; and moreover,
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single blessedness is the real elixir vitce^ and she as-
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absolutely healthy. Hence Dr. Schuhl finds that mer-
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for this course, l)ut it doul)tless entails injustifi! upon
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that the actions of the heart and pulse were { the room. As the weather was hot, decom-
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flannels, with the constant application of compresses around the throat, are
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was also impaired, the patient for months afterward being
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and inflated abdomen. Drew blood copiously, and administered mild
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1918. Office of Publication, 715 Lake Street, Oak Park, 111.
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Is rare in horses. It is usually small and harmless, but
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gradually going downhill from day to day ; and instead of
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exposed should be reduced to a minimum. Some exceedingly dusty proc-

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