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nothing special to note in the appearance of the scar in the
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The following resolutions were received by the House with sorrowful concurrence.
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a colourless clot. A subsequent erroneous theory, which
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(4) Replace the formalin by washing with 1 per cent S.S.S. (5) Make a
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Report in the Brit, and For. Med. Rev. vol. xix, p. 279.
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Weight Control Centers— Dr. Jacobson reviewed the status
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left hip-joint in a boy set. 6^ [described by card] . . . 265
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Intramuscular: 5 to 10 mg. ( 1 or 2 ml.) two or three times daily. Intramuscular
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elevation by compressed sponge about 2 mm. in thickness,
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Down the slope of the ridge are several ravines — shown shaded
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the classes of birds and fish, but he has been enabled to follow
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pected to be seen, and near the glandula pituitaria which is
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joint diseases, at least four of the cases came under our notice
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ber in every family, and working with the AMA on im-
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Approved in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference Committee, after inclusion of the exception
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In this study, the cases reported by the physicians as
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found that the concept of treating sudden out-of-hospital
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demonstrated in spleens prepared as there described ; but
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years, whilst in the upper limbs twice as many occurred over
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Furthermore, the prepayment concept insures that health
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Surgeon: relieved from further duty at Creedmoor, N.
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power of changing its properties, so as to make it coagulate
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a decision as soon as possible, inasmuch as the chances of a
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spinous fossa. The bone was nearly destroyed, the growth
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There was paralysis of the left leg and of that limb only.
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the subcutaneous tissue is common. Suppuration of the
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The red particles of the blood, improperly called globules,
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Oriff. Memb. Eamskill, J. Spence, M.D,, Consulting Physician to
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vague right upper quadrant and hypochondrial discomfort,
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Oriff. Memb. Habershon, Samuel Osborne, M.D., 70, Brook
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known to act more strongly, and it is proved above, that the
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service, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York.
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power, has made some object to the conclusion, who had not
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in Mesopotamia ; doubtless, they do not represent anything like the true
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upon the convex surface of the liver, run towards its falciform
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air pollution, diet, and cigarette smoking. In some cases
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Whereas, the connection of cigarette smoke and lung cancer
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sels are acting with the lowest degree of strength ; for here it
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cul de sac ; it was easily brought through the peritoneal wound,
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provide paid-in-full service benefits to eligible subscribers
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oped Raynaud’s phenomenon after 405 units of bleomycin
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the uses of the spleen and thymus. He commenced his lectures
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tended right heart is relieved by a calomel purge. In chronic
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faculty drawn from throughout the Medical Center participate in the course. Instruc-
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of patients are used, the subjects should not be identifiable or

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