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identity of Pfeiffer's bacillus influenzae is too well known to> need

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or the whole of a single leg in the frog and toad : by continuing the applica-

cheap dapsone 100 mg

Dr. Ramskill has been treating two little girls suffering

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into the interior of the cyst at that part where it was attached

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leukocytosis (> 12,500 per /d), elevated erythrocyte sedi-


currents of air, which physiologists assert are carried

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harmless, and if it was employed indiscriminately it

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patients who cannot go South or West to higher alti-

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the general trouble of the circulation, congestion of the kidney

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Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (Jan. 29), that the Allopaths

dapsone topical cost

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doses is of value. It softens up the mucus and viscid exudate,

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due, primarily, to the prevalence of tuberculosis among

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and granular casts, with some renal cells and occasional blood cells. There was

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glanders, in view of the fact that serum for use in the

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cases of cure operated upon one year or longer ago, that

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supplied with husbandmen. There is hardly a village or a

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EHzabeth Belgrave, in Cheshire ; her horse dropping down

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and casts are abundant; blood is present in varying quantities. These

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in epileptics, either as a substitute for, or as a sequel to, a fit. The

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Casb VIII. — ^A. R.^ male, oolored, aged forty-four, was admitted to Polj-

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purpose to graduate in the Faculty of Paris, tomy mus be ^ equa y J medical

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that I should close it with an acknowledgment of our w-

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the same situation as that resulting from diseases of

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fect was slight and capable of correction by glasses.

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subject to any future attack. Its duration, however, is not like that of

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Complains of great pain in swallowing and aphonia. Has been

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skin cause disturbances in metaboHsm, which, acting with the disturbances

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the "right eye. A fortnight later, there were signs

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pains especially affectinj; the joints of the arms and legs. The

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