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of which is to supply an internal secretion which is poured into the blood.

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of plumbism be given with caution, for experience confirms the state-

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shop with his practice, the stand is a desirable one indeed. The shop can be let sepaiais fnn tw

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sentations of the child were very considerably improved by external

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localised tuberculosis near. This appeared to be the case in 4 out of the

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sufficient funds, staff and suitable buildings, in which to prepare his

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extra molar on either side has also been observed. Supernumerary teeth

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eyelids, whether moveable between these and the anterior surface of

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immarory action continues around the bonier, is because the eflfect of

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With regard to local remedies, considerable relief may be afforded in

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an hour after opium is swallowed, and in from a few minutes to a quarter

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discard, in toto, every plant lauded or used by them. Now this, surely,

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of the early symptoms, and may be the cause of the patient seeking advice.

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abould consult an admirable paper in !Noi 2, Vol. 2d, of the Eclectic

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back to his original position, strokes the descending colon, wrist first, but pressing

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is not endemic without its ever inducing hsemoglobinuria. In my own

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both anterior and posterior surfaces nearly to the gum. This notching is usually

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lished by M. Louis, in the first volume of << Memoirs of the Medical

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the longer I live the more fully am I convinced that a medical man im-

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paroxysmal attacks of noises in the ear like rushing water, bells or steam

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than those with constipation. Diarrhoea is especially bad when it comes

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Mr. Goadby, having received a grant from the British Medical Associa-

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In certain domestic animals, and in foods derived from them, numerous

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already observed, very much greater danger exists than in those in which

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and on the inner side of the labia minora in women. The erosion begins as

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A good method of finding out, before treatment, what room will be

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caused death after five weeks. The symptoms and treatment are those

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neuralgic pains, to which opium itself brings no relief. These people

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times produced by an extra-medullary tumour. In a case of extra-medullary

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maxillary somewhat square in shape, with rounded edges on the grinding sur-

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at the New York Board of Assistants, to pay $500 to the Dispensary.

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Tubercular meningitis is to be distinguished by its insidious onset, the

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a small matter for so accomplished a personage/ &c.

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Treatment. — Use a well-fitting tube with a movable shield, and leave

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tbey go, these frightful creations attend, and the patients are constantly

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with the ciliary ligament. The natural tendency of the iris to become

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seminaries for the education of females throughout the Commonwealth.

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stituting the form of pyrexia designated " aseptic fever," examples being

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