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differing from, although of the same Constitution as (using these words

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This lecture has already taxed your patience most severely ; I had

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scribed the acid. In the next sixteen hours his bowels acted twice ; he

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course, £^ 3s.; w, i>, /, each course, /"2 2S. Vaccination, £1 Is.

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as the latter increases, the pain corresponds; as it diminishes, the pain

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We must therefore admit that, with the same elements, there may be

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and of an easy passage from a book not prescribed ; Exercises in Parsing, and in

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of their motives, and the unwavering consistency of their practice.

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who should proceed to Trinidad to report on a mode of treatment of

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and the joint once more injected with the lotion as before. A small

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ceased he awoke, and seemed to wonder for a moment where he was

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lation, probably in the sense suggested. Great political questions have

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the State medical officer, whom we are endeavouring to establish in

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day ; and so were the old, who also usually left their cares behind them.

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Mr. Curling last year resigned his post as Surgeon, and was appointed

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inst., and on every succeeding Saturday and Wednesday. An advanced

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through the upper layer of the transverse meso-colon, passed further

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said that a pupil of his (Dr. Ritchie, now of Eroughty Ferry) had sug-

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mortality statistics as guides to the health condition of towns, we close

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tions, or given internally with mucilage. Mr. Harrinson appeared to

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as it was not entirely germane to the amendment. It must be known

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be adopted as far as circumstances admit : Botany, chemistiy, materia

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battle-field, even in the midst of showers of bullets. After the battle of

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as the church, on examination, was found to be unsuitable; the tents

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COMMUNICATIONS, LETTERS, etc.. have been received from:—

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tention. — The President thought that, in cases of abortion, httle

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mena by various kinds of fermentation. The views of Van Helmont in

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they are constantly watching him, hiding themselves in the ceiling and

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the Royal Medical Benevolent College, Soho Square, to consider the

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Six Hundred and Twenty free Union Districts of England and Wales. —

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Case ii. — Annie P., aged 4, was the child of wretchedly poor

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along with disease of the cerebellum is no proof that the disease has

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Sir W. Armstrong, in responding, said that, as a citizen of New-

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mencing at 2.40 P.M. The pulse was quiet ; temperature of both

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unnecessarily strong. It may range from grs. v to 5j to gj of water.

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