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The President said that Professor Smith and Dr. Sheill

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Africa, a pimple ultimately attaining the dimensions of a boil, kdA then

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ty of difierent polyhedrons will be different with different an-

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and a male friend, both of whom immediately contracted the disease, and the

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Service. London : John Churchill and Sons. Pp. S-t.

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of - ^^ ^ <2onite, or Belladonna, or the three may be mixed and diluted with a

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that fevers and visceral inflammations are generated in this man-

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and consequent interference with the due development of the brain.

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brought up to believe that the time people were peeling

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soon as the concentration reaches 1/200 per cent. A further in-

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affection of speech, and sundry other data will aid us here.

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I have found no object in the ear which could not be syringed out.

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in the schools. For my part (he continued), I^consider myself a

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as a disease of debility and tubercles, the result of hypersecretion from

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1841-60 was 19 per 1000, but last year the rate was 18 ; in the

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rotomy must always be accompanied with intense risk.

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or less circulation of the blood may have in supplying fresh

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pedis. In July and August he used cold sea-baths and local treatment to luethra twice a

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ot complete obstruction by gall-stones. Or, (b) inrowplcle. In this form

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iiivclM,- Thi- b.u il!.i!\ J'-enii-r;. -tmil ii-ii.illy n iiit.iiii-'i iii'Hr pii-

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this date, and that it will involve an expenditure of from

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characters, whether numerically it follows Mendel's doctrines or not.

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the patient never saw any discharge after the first

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satisfaction from the statement that ugliness was not fatal.

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