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wo perceive a new condition of our city, more favorable to the

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children and in the speeialties. In the more scientific

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Emetics have proved far more useful as adjuvants, by favouring the

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In the forenoon, the wind came from the north of west, and in the

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were always tested on the same day and with the same serum dilu-

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rabbits were inoculated with B. typhosus. One animal received inoculations of

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influenza bodies in their blood and tissues ; others

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of the identity of myxoedema and Bright's disease. Eecently it has been

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ments confirmed this, indicating a close relationship between the

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show a definite relation to the changes of external factors, as they

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ment to nature is attended with great risks, division of the stricture

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the country in every direction until their handbills

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metabolic activities of the bacteria themselves when they are sur-

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membranes were distinct The author thinks the case unique, inas-

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serum taken from a dog on the 6th day after inoculation with pneu-

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is still general among clinicians that chilling of the body exerts a

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its lost fluidity, all our efforts to arrest the fatal event. must prove

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appropriate stimulation of the nerves than is liberated under anes-

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sicians) reports five hundred and sixty-three cases of re- vaccination;

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formed by Dr. Pancoast After laying bare the trachea, he divided

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ture, tne symptoms underwent amelioration. The discharge of fluid,

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pitals reduced by antiseptic measures from lifty-lwo lo

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most fragments from which cell migration took place we did not

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of weight was progressive, the animal was continually thirsty, ate

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every 5 weeks. The former died in 21 weeks, the latter in 22 weeks. They had

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had much pain at the period, and the pain is worse then^ Bepeat ; also-

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the OS uteri. The vagina was carefully plugged and the recumbent

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marked trails in his character ; and these qualities, combined with

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if aoy doubt or uncertainty as to the fact of their having been loc-

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unfortunate patient to suppress the resistance whick the organism is

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that if it were due merely to the lowered pulse pressure, then only a

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stated to have been entirely satisfactory, and the subsequent re-

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deltasone in kidney transplant patients

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commenced in the follicles and extended subsequently to the mu-

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position, in spinal irritation the reverse is the case. It is claimed that the

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An interesting finding which should be mentioned is the fact that

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tail. The fourth and fifth, both having a tadpole body, were larger than the

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grayish -yellow, unguenlous mass, of a rancid, fatty

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