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education and the advancement of science were largely consulted in the

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The following are amongst some of the objects of special interest

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inguinal ring at a much lower point than usual. The hernial swelling

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dog, showed a large number of verrucous tumours about the body.

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servant, the king will live a complete life, without

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ample of his own principle of treating wounded arteries. The point

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cases are mentioned in which rupture of the uterus happened without

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Towards the point of the left shoulder, and over the masses of

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to extend the control of prostitution throughout the country, at least on

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Tyne, a locality remarkable for its historical associations, its manufac-

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diaphragm to the pelvis. These swellings are superficially of uniform

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This history, together with the results of clinical examination, and

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Such being the case, what Dr. Billing states of hysteria in general is

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Alfred Vogel, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Uni-

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had been overcome by the patience and docility of those whom it was

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sounds disappear, and the \-esicular murmur returns in the lower parts

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notice has been posted at the Ecole de Medecine for the last four or

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a Httle whitish mucus from the nose for the first mile. Even at the

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and drags to the earth the divine spirit."* " But the

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diabetic thirst and dropsical languor. But his refer-

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has not been follo\*ed, and that, in a pamphlet recently pub-

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Section B. Surgery. — President: Professor Lister. Vice-Presi-

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as though caused by liquid extravasated between the muscular layers.

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On post-mortem examination of horses which die of chronic

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in very good general health about the beginning of December 1869.

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hardness, and from this point a new growth had invaded the pelvic

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fell out in the moving. Lastly, the driver declared that it was impos-

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murmur depends on the pressure of an enlarged bronchial gland on

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quently, myocarditis had occurred as a complication of the original

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hsemoglobinuria during the morning hours when cold is most felt, and

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tion, the heart-sounds are rather attenuated in granulo-fatty myo-

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the bathing-house, the earth-closets (which alone are used and answer

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