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nature. In one study 8 with long-term therapeutic trials of 234

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operation of law, this day retired from active service,

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operation only 26 oz. of urine were passed ; it was acid,

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dogenous heat production and heat losses (Figure 1). The

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Forty-two patients were diagnosed as having acute gouty

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Comment: This extensive review, excerpted from a forth-

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weeks before admission he was seized with a severe shivering

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throat; he is not " subject to cold/' but at times he has had

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Surge >n George A. Bright detached from the Naval

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that she had been losing flesh for three or four months, she

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value of vaccination. &*Fraser: "The Epidemic of

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Lumleiun Lect. 1710 till death; Physician 5 years to

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bladder neck obstruction, hypersensitivity to chlordiazepoxide

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December 1977; the AMA-sponsored State Health Legisla-

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dear to his family and associates, than his talents made him

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of Anopheles, A. pulcherrimus. This mosquito entered the tents with

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Harvey Roth berg, M.D.; James K. Varney, M.D., Princeton

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and formed a tough jelly ; in animals in health they formed a

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and around her body. She was not conscious of any other

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need for furthering resection of cartilage. Failure adequately

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costa which is brown, covered with minute hairs and erect spines.

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human being. Fragments of sentences like “impending

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as a part of the chyle may pass the glands and get into the

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with a narrow tenotomy knife. No gas escaped, and there

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opening, no other course seemed open to me as it appeared

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and that impression is supported by reliable data, it is

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