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of the portal vessels than from the neighborhood of the bile-ducts, and its

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decrease in the number of fits per week. (H. C. W.)

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to drink freely of liquids or medicated diluents, and the application of the

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upon the occurrence of sudden, more or less severe collapse in an ap-

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alone, and is of no pathological significance. It is stated that a sound

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dyne, and other similar feeble nerve-sedatives may be employed and give

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coneeiitrated, to produce its deadly effect, excq>t on such as were

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occurs. In this variety the bacillus destroys the superficial epithelium

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Laryngeal Branches. The superior laryngeal nerve supplies the

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or increased, the specific gravity 1010 and upward, the percentage of al-

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a sufficient length of time to produce alteration in the nerve-centres and

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What has been said concerning the use of counter- irritation in acute

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