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Indeed, when the operation is necessarily in close contact with the ureters, a careful, deliberate dissection which exposes the ureters as an early and indispensable step in the process makes sure that tab the ureters can neither be tied nor cut without the surgeon's full knowledge of the fact. It is a translation of the latest edition of Ziegler's classical treatise by one of the leading American pathologists who has succeeded in rendering the text of the original in clear and idiomatic English (classification).

It was to this form that the reader of the paper wished to call special attention because of its importance as an etiological factor in producing nervous symptoms in children and which drug was so often overlooked.


Some cases found in adult males in Bilitrid Prison and in Scout organizations (50). Results indicated that school, child care, and park playgrounds are deficient in supervision, age-appropriateness of equipment, suitable fall surfaces, and equipment maintenance (test). In other countries, where rye and maize form a great part of the diet of the lower orders, ample illustrations pr├ęcoce are to be met with. It is found in man, and also in horses and dogs (of). The development of the urethra and vagina into separate passages is impaired so that a single acarbose external orifice or urogenital sinus persists. It is remarkable that this well-tried means of combating the- constant recurrence of furuncles has been so little used by either specialists in ear mg diseases or by general practitioners. These are present in the aqueous extracts of poisonous cheese, and may be precipitated from this solution obtained from milk cultures of a toxicogenic bacillus found in both poisonous 100 cheese and ice cream a substance which was soluble in alcohol, and which proved fatal to rats, mice, and guinea-pigs. One tablet is sufficient to sweeten a cup of 25 tea or coffee. There (lied, and this poor woman accused me of killing him: action. Internal asepsis is one factor which will contribute to satisfactory results in stomach and intestinal surgery (insert). But be of good cheer; these little episodes of hysterical behavior are what give color to the routine course does of life.

All communications for the Editor, and buy all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned. He did not ac see the baby again until June died, the stomach had been washed out, bringing up milk and mucus each time, that he was nursed from four to eight times a day, not more than ten minutes at a time, and vomited from two to eight times a day.

So fashionable is it, tliat nearly every village, certainly every water-cure establishment, has its doctor who dexterously uses the speculum, and who faithfully apphes his caustic to the inflamed follicular surface of the cervix with the same industry that a few years since it was applied to the fauces, to neither of which would any permanent benefit result unless at the same time the depraved condition of the Progressing on this one-idea theory, the different accidental positions of the organ have been persistently treated; some employing the ingenious contrivance of the stem pessary and its resulting tortures; others, thd daily VANDERPOEL ON ANTE-FLEXION OF "glucobay" THE UTERUS. Moreover, the medication time necessary for the plastic operation is not very great; in fact it will very rarely exceed forty minutes, from fifteen to thirty minutes being a fair average.

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