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a bird called here the bird of paradise, a beautiful little fellow with an

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considered edible. EVuits brought to market in cities for sale are

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xxxviii, 134-136. — 8chil<I. Eine Typhus' pidemie mit

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A high temperature (42° C.) during culture, or the presence of

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An acquaintance, of unusual strength and vigor of constitu-

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ized serum and 350 doses of salvarsan were given. In this paper for

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radiant energy bath to a rheumatic joint can be adequately

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although they are less marked, occur on other parts of the body. The

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Island, and upon the completion of that duty he will report to

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Mrs. P., mentioned under No. 6, had violent headache of sudden origin

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which they originate, and the phenomena to which they give rise. Thej'

glyburide micronase dosage

one of the cold baths the temperature was reduced 3.1° F., in the

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