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the changes in the liver, such as the action of the poison upon the

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jugular vein mth such force that it causes the valves in the jugular

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a feeling of precordial constriction, and light febrile attacks are not uncommon.

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Fig. 13. — Diphtheria of tonsils, pharynx, and larynx; intubation; tube finally removed on the 24th.

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common substitute for sea water as a bath is made by dissolving

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terrible cutting and mutilating operation. I am anxious at pre-

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English. We have only to hope that the translation and

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patient that might be harmful in its effects. On the contrary,

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that can be learnt from it, shall not a man be sacrificed for

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Leich.-Oeff.,' vol. 1, p. 87 ; 2, p. 105 ; and ' Klinische NoveUen,' 1863, p. 523.)

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pelvic measurements were as follows : Diag. conjugate, 9.5 cm. ; ext. conju-

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In the fibrin meshes there are also parts of disintegrated cells, free nuclei

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59- Lobster (to dress) — Ingedients — i lobster, salt, cayenne, mus-

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eral ways of overpowering the microbe. The liquid con-

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ters; but the proof of the pudding is in the eating ; and

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The parietal pericardium likewise becomes lined with lymph, and between

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male, chronic middle-ear otitis, plethora, exudations

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vulsions constitute nearly half of the mortality — all of the

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" Johannes Demesmaker, whose name in English is John Cutler,

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The posterior tibial or internal popliteal nerve. — ^Owing to its deeper

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fever-infected districts. Mr. Stillman says he has travelled in the

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granulation. For a time the boy was better, when, about September 1st,

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those not suffering from the disease, examination of the data upon

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gentleman who claimed to have been tormented so that he could

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June 22-24— Basic and Advanced Colposcopy. American College of

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