Substances Which Change The Central Nervous System Include Prescription And Illegal Drugs

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fifths being on the right side, and the remaining two-

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into the blood, peritoneal cavity, muscles, and digestive tract, or by

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normal dog's heart. There is an auriculoventricular interval, which is

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sepsis, but never to the exclusion of other rational treatment.

substances which change the central nervous system include prescription and illegal drugs

phosphorus in glycerine, which he calls "the glycerole of phosphorus,"

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place in the organ in extreme old age" (Osier) — the "senile kidney." (6)

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its operation ; one such condition is alcoholic intoxication. Murchison says

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before death, the red cells were reduced to 696,000, leukocytes

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development may be the result of bad company, bad habits or

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* The major aim of all nutritional therapy is to mini-

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For example, the preparation, chemical and physical properties,

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lOr F. (37.7° or 38.3° C). Then the parotid gland on one

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This fee would be $3.00 for a single person and $5.00 for a family.

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solution. He then withdraws the needle a little and

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Fig. 1. This column consists of twenty diagrammatic leucocytes,

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free from albuminoids (Uscliinsky's fluid, see p. 590). Naegeli was

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which may be so excessive as to cause papillary projections into

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responsible for much of the deformity of Pott's disease.

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only as regards diagnosis, but in the post-operative treatment.

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righl Oipple, a rumbling friction with expiration ; inspiration harsh and short, hnt

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before. If letters, a cross, or a star had been traced, they reappeared

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symptoms. Be as sure of the diagnosis as possible, and then

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the water which has washed the amalgam ; and the mules are

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nourishment should 1»- introduced in tin- form of drink, and diluted

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^ Baumann : Korrespondenzblatt f. Schweizer Aerzte, Vol. xlv.

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Dr. Jacobi, in the paper already quoted, has collected twenty-six autop-

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