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rations in which they never had assisted before. But in the

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* F. Durodi^: **£tude sur les thromboses et Tembolie veineuses dans les contusions

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divided by intervals and remissions as to give one the idea that

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might go out well to do merely quiet work ? He did not think so.

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vulsions, and death. The urine rarely becomes albuminous

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320 Swayne : Clinical Significance of Acidosis in Pregnancy

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along the lymphatics towards the root of the lung, following the

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It is the custom of this Society to appoint for each meeting two or

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account of their unfolding any particular principles

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generated, atrophied and hardened. Another part of the lesion

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The women are in general more tractable than the mea^

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wrist-joint opened, and the adjacent tissues destroyed. On

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can be no cavil with their convenience, though their

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a general tendency toward die limitation of its use to the minimum amount

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stricture and projecting into the stomach. Above the stricture the mucous

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nitric acid an excess of a silver solution of known strength is added,

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Parliament, as soon as the Bill is brought before the

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to hesitate in regard to the diagnosis. These signs were both absent in

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ophthalmological conclusions. Of the main and the vital powers seemed oppressed,

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to a rate of vil)ration thirty-two times faster than that of the muscle, or 1024

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slightly. His fingers are stiff and semiflexed and cannot be

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Washington, D, C, still has the work in charge. And

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Fourth. — Crude albumen in the urine denotes that albu-

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the membranes. Hcubner states that an analysis of forty-five cases,

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by a number of cases) give rise to rotatory movements of the

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and August, the months in which these conditions could

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