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Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by Ho-
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They state that it is interesting to note that the administration of the
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at least was in the main due to the impurities in the water.
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and bleak, th.n u will be l«Uer to he.l the tree. in. 0,1,.;^
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serious handicap in arriving at the desired result. To assume that drugs
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complete title of article, name of publication, volume,
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feriority in combination with a fixed erogenous zone. Yet why
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obliged to disagree radically with the conclusions of the report
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C. B. Parker, 1521 Euclid Avenue; E. B. Rhodes, 13425 Euclid Avenue;
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characteristics of the individual drugs. The individual selection of the
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6 plates. D. Appleton & Company, New York and London, 1912.
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M, a milk^andahould be fitted for the block. Neither is she valu-
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considerations probably hold, with but slight modifications,
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merly worn are now too long. So noticeable is the loss of
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the erythrocytes from five million to eight million in high
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demonstrates dilatation of the right collecting system
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the bladder was removed, but the patient declined an operation
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will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for
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dednible than if cut in Jan^^'^ April T ' •'' ""^ °°"
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Pressure in this region of the nose has been known to affect
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tion on the various committees and boards of directors."
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The provisional program is as follows : Before the Commit-
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of the Journal of I mmunopharmacology, a new interna-
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in the Secretary's minutes and read at the meetings of the Academy and
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mittee from the Municipal Association to take up matters relating to the
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professional duties remains in force until removed by
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That there is no current of the lake as such and, moreover,
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as after salvarsan. The indications, contraindications and preliminary
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must be rigidly enforced. The time selected should be depend-
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He was a member of the New York County Medical Soci-
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•"t~>ce contorted, m it p:^t.1^'**^f * """"J '*•»• the
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immunity and prevention. The book holds a place of its own on account
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hose may be loosened from the pump and held aside on a hook, to
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