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the intense, small round-cell infiltration, coagulation necrosis and

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beginning of summer, the greatest constancy being observed in winter

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the words 'prescribing and furnishing medicines.' State v.

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agencies' in New York that are not run by some Socialistic group

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large, heavy button placed in the lower part of the small intes-

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first described case. The child had already developed several

gut fermentation syndrome treatment

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any department must necessarily be fragmentary and incomplete.

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opium, there were consumed in the United States during the year

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he calls it " Catarrhal Inflammation of Joints in Infants." He did not

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mentation changes

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trices of operations, from sloughing, from tubercular or dysen-

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The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, spring of '19, reported

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much contracted. Besides the foregoing appearances, there was evi-

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the needle puncture is closed by a Lembert suture ; (7) several

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which from the very nature of things can only in exceptional

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Treatment. — Finger opened by incision on dorsum, which was made to

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fications of the blood caused by age, constitution, individuality, race,

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known to be well after the lapse of more than a year. Even if there is a

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was feverish and fretfiil. Three weeks ago the abscess broke on the

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have not had the opportunity to practice this method in its

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gate, else the treatment was faulty. It was not likely surgical

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