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diet. When the urine shows the ferric chloride reaction, all dietetic

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milk should be tested. The average amount of milk, if given (see Table

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ordinary finger and toe nails are usually so thin as not readily to

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framing an amended Medical Act the first interests to be considered are the

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colonies on the plate made from a mixture of normal serum and

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(S c.c. disinfectant +95 c.c. distilled water) = Solution A.

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gradually fading toward the peripherv- finely granular;, borders regular. The deep

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On the 15th November, Dr Keiller operated for the fistula, with

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cent, sterile salt solution in which 50 G. (1^/2 oz.) of sodium bicarbonate

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appeared, it might seem hardly necessary to do more than merely

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same under the skin. This may be repeated every two or three days.

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meet. To produce intelligent speech, memory and the power of

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taught us that most aneurisms are the result of syphilis. The dose is

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dences of a constitutional disturbance. The tubercles situated

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that it is carried mechanically by flies. The pasture at Gatun,

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c) Symptomatology of Reaction with Vegetable Proteins 108

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Gr. (41/4 gr.) a day), either in some mucilaginous vehicle or combined

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dose in six days, the one receiving two fatal doses in three days, and

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For making the dilutions in accordance with the above scheme we

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pairs with the fiat surfaces apposed. There was considerable

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