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these recent cases, but these old cases do illustrate how slight the

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30. Lewinski: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1903, c, 611.

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than the normal was required to propel the blood through them, and

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2. Babcock, J. W. : A Study of Local Medical History. Am. Jour. Insan..

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time, the patient said that she "felt hot all over," and then "cold all

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corded, and it is exemplified by macroglossia, the structure and cau-

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unknown Avith the knoAvn.^ As pathology advances we detect still

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attacks of asthma, we assume may serve as antigen for treatment by

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Lewis : On a Hsematozoon Inhabiting Human Blood ; its Relation to Chyluria,

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in amount in the blood. Thus a reduction of the tension of the carbon

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data doubtless indicate the number of individuals of each race for

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appreciate the importance of the permanent continuance of the remedy.

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the sternum at the end of the second intercostal space and over the

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In the twelve observations on seven cases of acute articular rheuma-

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fraught with danger. A handkerchief sprinkled or soaked with pure

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We may safely conclude that the nephelometric method is satisfac-

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the value of venesection in these desperate cases. In the clinic of

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thrombus had a laminated construction and was covered with endo-

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may undergo extreme degenerative changes without association with

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to the eye. The one sign then visible to inspection is the more pro-

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Fig. 18. — Neurasthenia; paretic stage, showing feeble action of the heart and undistended arteries.

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to show that pellagra shows marked similarities in both pathology and

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was slight desquamation still present when seen Aug. 6, 1915. Pellagrin 1300,

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auriculo-ventricular orifice, the hypertrophy is said to be compensa-

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owing to their position, more difficult here than elsewhere, and accord-

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frequency diminishes and from then again becomes more frequent.

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nite part in the results, yet it may be that an occasional variable result

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production of the stenosis at a much later period in fcetal life.

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will be made out before destructive changes occur, the prognosis will

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attack. Of the 228 pellagrins with consecutive attacks to the third

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does not commence this medication until after a repose of a few days,

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established as stenosis and insufficiency of the mitral valve, with en-

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and subsequently they were above normal. In Periods 1, 3, and 4

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instances are not sufficiently numerous to warrant detailed discussion.

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year; (5) those without recurrence in the second year and without

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1 Glanvil (Vanity of Dof/matisinc/) says: "And 'tis the observation of the noble

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§ In this experiment, Cut 2 was made in two parts, the upper half first.

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