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The electrical conditions were interesting. A galvanic current (inter-

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very unsightly manner, was of a purple hue, and beset with

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rough sequestrum, separated from the wall of the femur, about

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shoes at the time of injury, 14 (78%) required admission to

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known him in New York, he said that he had had no bene-

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alone, it must be admitted that gardening offers some forms of

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which its numerous friends, by their valuable contri-

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etc., that the greatest danger is to be anticipated.

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National Life of Vermont, National Life Drive. Montpelier. NT t

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M. Danysz showed the destructiveness of radium to the

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diagnosis, and we are accustomed perforce to employ analysis

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case of surra in the horse. The presence, in varying numbers, of

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body. Tommasi Crudeli of Konie and Klebs of Prague have

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running water, which causes reflex contraction of the cerebral

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more regarding them than that " the first arises not so mucli

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5. Where marked anorexia exists ; or where, owing to the severity of

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coercion, having hitherto been found happily to succeed in the manage-

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with money recompenses to the parents. M. Naquet has now taken up the

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that the various species alternate in the relapses.

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From the niimernus post obit reports of cerebral lesions and morbid

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the contents of the pustule of variola as very susceptible to

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waste-pipes from the stories above and below her, and

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manency of everything connected with this and other old school med-

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Council, whether it was recommended by th.\t body, or whether

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are not yet healed, as the dressings had to be removed and re-applied daily,

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lowers, and so prominent have these innovations become both

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