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that this deadly influence, whatever it might be, had

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active part in instruction, and, therefore, my testi-

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the regular practitioners have retired from the field ;

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they do not therefore fail to give off their noxious

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tuation of the aortic sound point to hypertrophy of the left ventricle.

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attributed the recoveries after castor-oU to the modi-

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branches of medicine, has failed to shake off the yoke

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ber 20th, 1865, with aU the symptoms of acute peri-

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of a "physician for all", whether for consultation, for

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and patients have actually consulted physicians for the relief of erup-

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various processes of degeneration. Soon it was seen that diphtheria

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the fundus of the eye may be cleaily seen; still, if

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ti-overtible statements. At every agi-icultural meet-

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useful as it is now? Should we send our daughters and servants

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other than occasional nausea. Certain individuals may use tobacco

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ing his luine ; occasionally suffering from scalding

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at ankle by anterior Hap, 333; in gangrene, Mr. Calge

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interpretation to that so generally insisted oii ; that,

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October 6th, it was noted that, from the back of the

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medical officers to order a few articles of the drug-

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of Medical Practitioners, Chemists and Drucgista, Medical and

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that the patient is at this stage compelled to reduce his efforts or fre-

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cal difficulty attaches to voting by papers is proved

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filthy dwellings, rotten vegetation, bad water, exces-

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duxit triumphoB, ut dum in vivia esset, mortalia esse

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and using his brush with his toes. He asked whether

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fore proceeding to attend the courses of instruction

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geon, ince P. M. Bleckley, M.B., for distinguished and meritorious

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any deviation from the natua'al state of the alvine

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mense influence on the treatment of cholera, as well

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