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ubung der Strahlentherapie X Ray Strahlung Lichtstrahlung und

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them against resistance a contraction of the pupil takes place Avith the

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zel has never had good results from the radical operation in cases

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There quickly followed new cases of erysipelas of which were fatal in

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ence of stricture at the point of opening is something to be considered.

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specimens described and figured by Sir A. Cooper Mr. Travers and

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certain also that it is sometimes caused by nervous influences and

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them. Our terms are advance payment but we have yielded so far

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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics for Graduates

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over the right second space near the sternum another systolic

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by the hospitals through third party payments or medicare pay

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them have been reported to render possible a certain amount

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Dr. Jarvis one of the committee whose report had just been read

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ward along the Alleghanies and westward to Wisconsin. It has been introduced into

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small phlyctenular along the edge of the cornea in the lim

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ment consisted of the free use of opiates and enemas administered throngh

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Voltolini s method of illuminating the antrum with an incandescent

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The average annual increase in the percentage of the CNP

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is nut narcotic for the effects are very different in many respects

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of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and which is produced

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sions are so few in a work of such extensive range

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new firm and not too flexible or it will double up and

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trate may take into consideration any reasonable cause or excuse.

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residual effects are more likely to be ovicidal. Although

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