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after the temperature has reached the normal ; (b) in subacute cases,

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divided. up into its component parts. As these parts had been

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Treatment. — In general the treatment is that of myelitis. In cer-

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date within the tendinous insertions of the muscles, especially those at

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tion. I have seen 2 typical instances, but feel that it may be ques-

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effusion and there is a tendency to hemorrhages. Epistaxis and metror-

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enhanced when the alkaline carbonates are administered simultaneously.

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abdominal surface one inch above Poupart's ligament, and midway

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case headache, localized or general, is usually present. In children too

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cal exertion suffer from urgent dyspnea, and the development of an ordi-

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(5) Hutchinson's triad, under Avhich title come (a) the Hutchinson

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found of value in sinuses of every part of the body.

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and paralysis of the legs and bladder develop, bed-sores following, and

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is distinguished by its absence of symptoms, and especially by the fact

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In incipient pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis develops suddenly as a

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less there be excessive enlargement of the right ventricle or associated

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of the pneumogastric or stimulation of the sympathetic nerves. It is

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mother during pregnancy, and in still other cases an anatomic founda-

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hol. Its withdrawal should be enforced at once in many cases, and very

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ments of medical education. Empirical knowledge is that which

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duced by this method to maintain the powers of the patient, rectal feed-

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ose (intermediate substances) — showing a yellowish color. If there is a

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known for many years, had hitherto been considered of sporadic

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appearance of the symptoms there must be a prompt withdrawal of the

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lungs, (e) Such constitutional conditions as gout, chronic rheumatism,

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potence, symmetrical sciatica, cataract, furuuculosis) ; (3) the persistent

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was the first in this country to offer a systematically graded

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posed to be formed, then to be absorbed, and finally decomposed in the

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ondary to cystitis. Recovery is the rule, though with more or less per-

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mous, exceeding 30 liters (quarts). Putrefactive decomposition of the

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large effusions produce pressure-displacement of the stomach and the

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Rarely pressure, from the traction force of the adhesions, on the common

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