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box and sterilised by dry heat at 175° C. They measure 27 m.m. by 8

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wooden splinters and nails are notably dangerous, and gunshot wounds are

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kinds have been employed. Ligature of the thyroid arteries, division or

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Animals live on organic matter ; and Prout reduces the nutriment of

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12th. Wound not disposed to heal ; eruption under the plaster at 6rst,


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L. Trudeatj. The Open- Air Treatment of Phthisis at the Adirondack Sanatorium. — Her-

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cal Library, entitled, '' Observations on the Comparatitie State of Medi-

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origin, it is as well, perhaps, to stick to the original accepted designation rather

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(a) Hix>s-firm-hackioard-bend- standing. — The trunk is slightly arched backward,

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whom we roost heartily wish had devoted himself with equal zeal to some

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dental origin. A preliminary dose or two of tincture gelsemium is some-

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A. Stroking and Friction, already referred to as a treatment for constipation

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(itre C a< VMcle from which a brash of this fluid, C E D» proceeds,

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they grow. They are particularly liable to arise in the metacarpal,

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Monkshood. — The alkaloid of this plant — aconitine — is probably the

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The immunity may be natural or it may be acquired. In some instances it

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which are well qualified by their elevation, dryness, and sunshine to be

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The managers of the public press, who very properly exclude an ad*

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ternally with very cousiderabie utility. A lotion contuiniog two drachms

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fulness ; and will ever cherish a grateful remembrance of the kind atten-

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tiesof death ; but a custom so injurious — ^so murderous — as this, ought not

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depend on the difficulty with which it receives the stain, and the tenacity

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A careful examination would differentiate it from acne rosacea, which

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sand inhabitants, hemmed in as they are, by salt water, to a little spot of

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produced in this way. Since the publication of Bichat, the subject of

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as there is some danger of spasm of the glottis occurring.

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two grains, excited salivation. This was followed by extensive ulcera-

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be similar in distribution to the pigmentation in the earlier stages of

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Diagnosis. — If the case is one of acute mercurial poisoning the extreme

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Iron. — One ounce and a half of the tincture of perchloride of iron

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The destructive process does not by any means always take place.

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periodic dental inspection of the workers are the principal points. Efforts

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increased excretion of carbon dioxide by means' of respiration, indicating that

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