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some cases are a manifestation of rheumatism in infancy.
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areas. In the later stages of diphtheria numerous plasma cells are found in
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scribed appear to be good examples. They refer rather to
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Our constitution aptly states one of the chief objects as
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ledge concerning the biology of different strains of the pneumococcus, our
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purpose of developing the cholera red reaction, and soon collected on the
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diet. In Japan we are accustomed to give rice gruel, eggs and fish (the
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The calves are cleaned as thoroughly as possible before they are taken
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Montreal statistics, based on 100 autopsies: "In 51 cases the right lung was
pictures of lithium carbonate 300 mg
associated with a primary femoral bubo of one side may extend from the
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then, the renal filtration is such that it will not allow five
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it is usually marked. The patient grows weak very rapidly, not only from
interesting facts about lithium
flowing water of the Elbe. Still this is made probable by these findings,
lithium side affects
Sudden changes in temperature may occur. These should always suggest
lithium aspartate for alzheimers
Without going into the history of life insurance in this
lithium chlorine as an oxidizer
invariably debarred from insurance — and always so when an
lithium and hyperthryoid now
case. Up to the present discordant results have been obtained with this
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an alkaline water, or plain water, or a little bicarbonate of soda may be added
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tract, so frequently occur that they must be regarded as a part of the charac-
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The patient should be put to bed at once, even if the fever is slight or if
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Flexner, and Doberitz bacilli, and found that the Flexner type differs from
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election in cases of laryngeal diphtheria. In Paris in the hospital wards
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group as Kruse's pseudodysentery bacillus; but its etiological significance
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that the influence of the body fluids upon phagocytosis is not due to stim-
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cases which die during the first week of the disease, one is struck by the
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motion, by which the adult actively amoeboid neutrophile polynuclear
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potassium (gr. 15, gm. 1) in hot water will lower blood pressure and so relax
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In impetigo contagiosa a close examination with section into the pustules
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^For the general literature of this subject see Kiihnau, Zeitschr. f. Hygiene u.
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special features are present. The early part of the attack may be mild and
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titrating from lithium effects
proximity to the site of the lesion. It is usually increased by pressure, the
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typhoid fever may be very marked. A careful search to find tuberculous
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English language. By Alexander Liautard, M.D.,"V.S.
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no renal elements are found, the chances are that the albumin
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day, if the temperature continues below 101° F. and the patient craves food, he
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may resist drying; thus, on cloth they have lived for nearly three months,
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The heart, liver and kidneys present the characteristic appearance due to
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unstainable and uncultivatable by our present methods. The recent demon-
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appear, I do not condemn the kidneys." Wesener, 1899,
lithium urinary accidents
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surfaces of the trunk to the axilla, and from this point it frequently invades
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be obtained from blood cultures, lumbar puncture, etc. Pneumococcus
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albumin water, broths and eggs may all be given. It is probably well to feed
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leukocytes, etc.) found in some cases are due, no doubt, to an invasion by

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