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of the cell body or the process of an amoeboid glia cell (fig. 10);
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the period for the full development of the vesicles, the face and other
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mfniites before I could succeed in opening the vein, and I ob-
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis requires but a brief consideration. The
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Suture. — In the case of a young and amiable nobleman, who
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been directed by Charcot and Bouchard, and others, is the bursting of
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ishes. It may prevail, however, very extensively among adults of differ-
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Sugar in the urine, like albuminuria, occurs not infrequently as a s^^mp-
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and a quarter in breadth, and one-eighth of an inch in thickness.
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pitating white, rapidly changing to green, with carbonate of
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alcohol are considered as incident to a toxical condition, called alcoholiH-
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effects of injury have a disposition to flow from the brain to
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which is much used as an alkaline remedy in this disease, is inferior to
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ing; they are increased in frequency in the majority of cases. In most
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ever, the fragments were not greatly displaced, being held to-
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e. Other branches. In addition to the fibers from the spheno-
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be useful as tonic remedies in cases of unmixed yellow fever.
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taneous pain. The tenderness is most marked during parox3'sms or ex-
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.\s its title implies, it is a manual rather than a treatise.
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source : thus it is said that, "first, when the mucous membrane
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sonance vyith the law of the development of organs from their
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affections of the knee, the nature of which is not immediately
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held in high estimation by the vulgar in this neighbourhood, as a remedy in can-
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deaA'or to discover and arrest this practice in individual cases, but to
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Dr. Corrigan on the Mechanism of Bruit de Sovfflet. 187
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softening or other lesions, the extension of the paralysis to different parts
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winter; making a difference of only 307 for such a length-
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algebraist,) the connexion with letters confused him, and he was
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is as follows : " Take from one to two fluidrachms of the serum of the
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ing to note, that in all of these there has been found a deficiency
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More or less of the vesicles dry up without breaking. The general symp-
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most any structure which passes for some distance through a series can be graph-
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been described in other groups of vertebrates than the mammals
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in tlie tents w^ere treated without alcoholic stimulants, and mostly with
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than appears at first sight. Indeed, in previous investigations
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a miasm emanating from the body. It is, therefore, propagated by both
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nerves (fig. 11). The close association of the terminal and septal
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