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vulsions and vomiting are rare ; chills are frequent. Death is usually pre-

speman himalaya cena

is a condition approaching asepsis, and yet it is the condition hoped for

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the lymph channels and vessels, and occlusion of the smaller bronchioles, all

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treatment is questionable, the patient should be kept quiet in bed and

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vessels are not injected as they would be were they alone at fault. Probably both sets of vessels are

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0U8 elTusioii may not be absorbed for months, and then the pleuritic thick-

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only 120 per minute ; when the cerebral symptoms are not severe, and are

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The retina may become affected by diffuse retinitis or there may be a

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but here it should be understood that the most rigid antisepsis is nec-

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fetid sloughs, which at first are firm and surrounded by cedematous lung-

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Fever is the next most constant symptom, but the temperature is seldom

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portant to remember that the liver has two envelopes, the outer, the serous

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of instruments and hands of the operator, but is too irritating and poi-

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piration gasj)ing. He is unable to lie down and can speak only in mono-

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Treatment. — There is no medicinal treatment which can in any way affect

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sents the same characteristics as when developed on other mucous surfaces.

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Neuritis, or inflammation of a nerve, is not a common condition, but

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from complete idiocy to stupidity, impaired memory, and marked diminu-

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while the thennoincter shows tlie temperaturo to range at 105' ¥. or

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Treatment. — At one time diaphoretics were employed in the treatment of

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hemorrhage and sudden collapse. Bullet wounds are not so serious.

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fever. In this disease the rise in temperature is always rajjid, and usually

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TJie mind is usually clear to the last, but when delirium sets in it will

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greenish tinge. This extravasation of blood may sometimes extend,

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immediate, or before help can be secured. The method of treatment

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erysipelas or some phlegmonous process. With the fall of the crusts, the

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pass from an apparently hopeless condition to one of convalescence.

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accustomed to them and ceases to respond to their stimulus.

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and scalp, and then gradually extends downward over the trunk and ex-

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