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iact that the programme published in the British Medical
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speech centers are necessarily few. The lesions must be too exclusively
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Previously to this, however, the story of the antecedent symptoms
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the B'}nr-iwe7i is as heaichy as any other tiraining siiip. Wiiere larii«
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tions complained of )iy Dr. Hamer last February at workshops in White-
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The condition of affairs in Ireland was very peculiar, for after
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and confined to the right side, but in the neck it was bilateral ; it was of a
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When asked to show where his pain is he is imable to describe it well,
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medium in which the pneumococcus has been cultivated
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«ven within the ranks of registered chemists and druegists there is
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measure, as in the Greek medical works ; it is evident that
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larly in its first stages, or, on the other hand, so difficult that its pres-
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' ••?a°m^in^£reL.'?i46""' '™"' '"'''' «"-'-
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pressure of tmnors or involvement of one recurrent nerve. Aneurysm
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The photographic department at the Salpetriere, which was
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had pain in the dorsal spine, but no curvature was observed. As already
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the tremors so generally present in Graves' disease are due, in part at
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evening he had his hour's ride out to take his dinner at home, tired
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to their surroundings. It was upon this particular symptom that
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catered for in the very complete bibliographical references
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the patient whose blood abounds with this protozoan.
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may also be tinted. The urine becomes very early affected, changing
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The most characteristic lesion is the well-known mucous patch, seen
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pay me any fee. Surely I ought to be entitled to one, considering I
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.steam engines and boilers should be provided by the War
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When the eruption appears on the trunk of the body there is little
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were brought up on report of the Committee and passed.
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nature still obscure. An illustration of this statement is that Dr. L. W.
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Europe it occurs in from 10 to 30 per cent, of all bodies examined, but
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off through the duct of Wirsung, for they discharge their secreticnis
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delivered to him, and fees for surgical operations, midwifery cases,
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sistance rises rapidly as the rate of alternation becomes
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each locality, whether in the United Kingdom or in the
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of this abortive action is a convincing proof that Mr. Harness
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