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decidua is usually thickened, some of the cysts being completely embedded

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patient recovered from the injury, sat up on the eighth day

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To quote from one of the ex-presidents of the State Soci-

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di-oop; the eyebrows are habitually elevated; the forehead is corrugated by

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the prognosis, youth seems to predispose to a fatal termination, as he

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The Grand Fran9ais seems to think that one can hardly

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bleeding. Heiman prefers water because he believes salt

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and passing in a groove between the right auricle and ventricle,

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>* • -■'*' '• •"- " :■_- -•.•••-.- — — -V-— r-Ts-wic t?^::::*: "Tash ac »mr iiean.

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ing loosened the uterus so that it was more easily re-

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" It seems to me higlily improbable, from the preceding observations,

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suppression or repercussion of such transpiration, to re-convey the morbid

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has set in ; ordered 20 leeches, a blister to the abdomen, and calomel

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A Hew Section. — In the report of the Committee on

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meconium aspiration, infection, and congenital diaphrag-

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physical deformity among the working classes in all parts

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kept in dried sputum for 95 days. Some pathogenic forms resist desiccation

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jugular vein, and sufficiently above the clavicle to be

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upon it, as it is a general tonic influence maintaining a

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cal society and of a journal club are too obvious to

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introduced so that the hemorrhage was controled. No

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published. Thomas states, however, that he has observed temporary

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the village hospital ; but they should not admit cases

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and followed in twelve or forty-eight hours by a rise of

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Sir William Gull several years ago proposed a different route for the

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considerable difficulty; in general, when first isolated, they resist ag-

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spoonful of this to a child a year old three or four times a day.

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to the altered state of the parts beneath ; if they are perforated

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kusehlanzeni. indzawo yesitsatfu isemkhatsini waleti letimbili. Kulen-

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Chrhtenaon, of Galesville, to Hawkins; S. N. Colliver, of Athens, to Europe;

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house that he was then advertising instead of the one

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Trichocephalus dispar is apparently not often the cause of marked

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. *Oppressed breathing, caused by sense of weight in

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making a neurasthenic by rest and breaking compensation

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The Therapeutics of Mineral Springs and Climates. — Br I. Burney

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is alternately, unusually and repetitively reflected from

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positive fact, which, though perhaps known to certain parties

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This gland opens into the proboscis of the mosquito, through which

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