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be classed among the vicious habits of life, would be to enter upon the discus-

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gument is strengthened in the present case by this circum-

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gentleman who had sold it for three weeks had heard of no ill effects from it

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specific gravity of l/)20 and contains traces of albumin. Exam-

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lities for the care of all. Billiards, Tennis and other diverting

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The discharge was profuse, and his strength rapidly gave way, his pulse

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mond, who was shot by M'Naughten, in January 1843, the symptoms were

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indicating protection against smallpox. The writer has seen several

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Dr. Marion Sims, to whom the honor of first using the sutures be-

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ty in the affected extremities, unless the sclerosis ex-

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monthly being reported in the United States, in England, Germany,

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contractions, especially in the muscles of the face

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laid upon them. His plan of stimulating the skin is by moderately cool

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which treat of this difeafe, and, lately, it has been much elucidated,

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nosed louse is the most common. The biting louse, or bird

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As regards the minor varieties ivhich the proximal belly

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may be a temporary rise of temperature as an immediate effect of

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similar collection of casts and notes, to add to the large

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Sensitivity to XANAX or other benzodiazepines, and in acute narrow angle glaucoma

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tially diflfer, chemically, from the contents of normal muscular fibre.

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sonnambulists also belong, an extraordinary increase takes

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the wheat ; measure and separate honestly and judiciously your

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taking the view that the ordinary common wine which is consumed by

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the AMA Board of Trustees for a position on the AMPAC

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1. — Solomon refers to the microorganisms previously

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doubt that the severity adds largely to the protection of the

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time the break suddenly becomes complete, and what is

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Besides the epicondyloid foramen, there was on the same

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children died under one year in 1915, and during the same

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great objection. Still they could not overlook the brilliant

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Chapter XXXIII. The Three Leading Physicians of Ger-

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disappeared, and the jaundiced hue of the skin and conjunctiva was

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scribed tuberculous glandular masses in the abdomen, especially w^hen they

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for the infection with cholera by means of drinking-

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fashioned wire cage trap. The rats get in but cannot get out. In plac-

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hospital are all subjects of legitimate public interest as television

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of the sides of the vocal opening — linear ulcers, in

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were appointed a year ago by Governor Iluiniihrey for a

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of the liver show a typical monolobular cirrhosis with extensive

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pestis earicp. At short intervals thereafter the stools and blood were

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I did not cnrette or give intrauterine douche again, but kept up the vaginal

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graduated from the medical school at Bowdoin College in

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is explained by the increased specific virulency of the

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state of science." And then he enters into the theory of Beale,

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majority of general practitioners of medicine, and truth compels

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Incomplete paralysis (paresis) begins in either the lower or the upper

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which one could distinguish them from the other cases, and it

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